Augmented Reality Contest

Augmented Reality Competition

Augmented Reality Contest

WebÔwat is a web marketing and communications agency. We are hosting a contest to find an Augmented Reality designer who will join our team for a long-term AR project, working remotely alongside a team of technology and creative experts.

All participants will be asked to create the same project: a 30-second augmented reality concept which will serve as the basis for the real project.

The general idea is to showcase how a real-life statue could take life when seen through a phone camera, and how this statue could take certain actions, such as give information to the person looking at the statue with their phone. How the statue looks and how the explanations are done is up to you. As long as you understand how your idea can work for a mobile app, you are free to be as creative as you want!

The winner gets a R$ 1000 prize, plus the opportunity to join our team for a long-term paid position.

All selected and approved participants will be granted a R$ 200 participation prize.

How To Participate

1 First contact and more details

Send us a personal presentation and your portfolio so we can get to know each other. Please note this is a contest for people of all levels do not be shy to apply even if you are still a student. 

We will, then, send you more details about the task.

Once you have this task description in hand, you are free to start working on the next point.

2   Your project idea

When the task is clear, you must prepare your project idea. This is how we will select participants for the contest.

Your project idea must include these two things:

A description of what you intend to create

A visual representation of your concepts (storyboard, print screens, existing examples, etc.)

3 We review your project

WebÔwat will select which projects qualify for the contest based on your above-mentioned project idea.

If selected, you will receive more details about the contest deadlines, terms and conditions, and the details about the job position for the big winner.

Please note that only approved project ideas will be eligible for the prizes.

4 The contest and the winners

Once all contest material has been received, our team will proceed to evaluate who is the best fit for our long-term project and will contact the winner regarding the money prize and job position.

All other approved participants will be notified in order to organize payments.

The deadline for applications is September 30.

All payments will be made via Paypal.

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