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Just having a website or doing proper marketing campaigns isnt enough if you want to get a leg up in the competition. It is important to take the data you get from your website and your campaigns and to properly analyze it to make better decisions for your brand. WebÔwat has a team of experts who know how to install the tools needed and who can analyze the information gathered from these tools. This will allow us to make suggestions to improve your digital presence and to reach even more people.

Web Analytics

Knowing who your users are and how they behave online is a powerful tool in your arsenal. We help you analyze this information and adjust your strategies accordingly.

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Tag Management

Tags are pieces of code used to track and upload data about user behavior. We help you install and manage these so that you get as much useful data as possible.

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Data Visualization & Reporting

Our experts will create reports for you that visualize your collected data in a clear manner, allowing for more proficient analysis, and the detection of opportunities and trends.

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